This visa is issued to a man who has concluded a formal marriage with the Indonesian woman.
Family KITAS cannot be hired to work and do business in Indonesia.


Visa validity is 1 year, with the possibility of annual renewal for up to 5 years.


  • A copy passport main page and cover page should be scan or good quality photo
  • A copy of the identification document wife ( Marriage status should be already KAWIN)
  • A copy of the family book wife ( Marriage status should be already KAWIN)
  • Marriage certificate ( from both your countries, or, you can provide Indonesian certificate and bring a COPY of it to your embassy and ask them to put a stamp on it like it is a real copy, but for immigration, this copy will work as evidence your embassy approved your marriage )
  • Bank account of your wife with a minimal 25 million in it
  • The photo on a red background 4×6, 2 pieces.
  • Certificate of birth both of you and your wife
  • DOMICILE – you can get it in local Banjar, will cost something but they decide how much
If all documents complete, TELEX approval will be ready in 2-3 weeks, after this we give sponsor letter for your wife sing in it and TELEX, and you visit the embassy to apply for KITAS
You will get the visa sticker in the passport, pay the fee about 150 USD. Then fly to Indonesia and we finish the process in the local immigration office. You will visit 1 time the fingerprints.
This visa is multiple entry.
Please contact us 2 months before expiry for extension or 2 weeks before, for closing kites for Epo.
For EPO we will need ticket, passport and payment 500.000 idr.